Privacy Policy

  1. Absolute Car Restoration & Parts Pty Ltd ensures that the information found on the website is correct and always updated before publishing. Any slight modification that occurs on the web site Absolute Car Restoration & Parts Pty Ltd makes all the effort to inform you of these changes.
  2. ACR Parts understands that every information provided by individuals is protected under the Privacy Act.
  3. ACR Parts will only collect the information when it is necessary for the business activities by fair and lawful means i.e.
  4. We inform the individual why their information is collected
    1. That who can gain access to the information
    2. To whom the information is disclosed
    3. Use only when the individual has consented
    4. If it is required by the law to collect the information.
  5. ACR Parts makes every effort to ensure that the personal information it uses, collects or disclosed is complete, accurate and updated. The collected information is protected by us to make sure it is not modified, disclosed, misused, and given unauthorised access. All the information that is no longer needed for any of the business activities are destroyed and will no longer be saved or backed up on our servers.
  6. When doing business with ACR Parts an individual holds an option of not identifying themselves when transacting with us.
  7. Individual holds the right to inquire about any concern related to their privacy which can be directed to Privacy Officer, 59 Pruen Road, Berrimah or phone 8900 9351. ACR Parts will ensure any inquiry is resolved within the 30 days period prior to the request.